Cinematic release


THE LANDING 2019 Composer

Feature Documentary for CCTV 10 Cina

The landing on the dark side of the moon

HANDY DANDY 2018 Composer

Producer: Don Borza

Feature Horror Film

Thirteen (13) 2011 composer

Director: Gela Babluani
Staring: Jason Statham, Mickey Rourke and Ben Gazzara


Hisss 2010  composer
Director: Jennefer Lynch
Staring: Mallika Sherawat and Irrfan Khan


Oh My God 2009 composer
Director: Peter Rodger
Staring: Hugh Jackman, Ringo Starr, Seal, David Copperfield 


Halcion Pictures (Terminator IV) 
2008 composer opening graphics


Miriam 2008 composer
Director: Kamran Pasha


Ready or Not 2007 Sound design
Produced by: Minor Childers

Cook Off 2006 composer

produced: the Halcyon Company

In Hell 2003 composer
Director: Ringo Lamm
Starring: Jean Claude van Damme


Das Unbezaehmbare Herz 2002 composer
Regie: Karl Kases
Das Experiment 2001

Director: Oliver Hirschspiegel
Starring: Moritz Bleibtreu


Britney Baby  2001 composer
Director: Ludi Boeken
Staring: Britney Spears  


The Thundering 8th 1999 Composer
Director: Don Borza


Frank finds out 1998 composer
Director: Charlie Call
Starring: Matt Todd Nolan &  G. Whittaker


Bloodstream 1998  composer

Director: Emanuel Kervyn  


GIMLET 1995  composerDirector: D AcostaStarring: Angelina Molina & Viggo Montereson                                                         

Tatort 1995 composer
Regie: Thomas Bohn


Night Train to Venice 1993 music supervisor
Director: Carlo U. Quinterio
Starring: Hugh Grant, 
Malcolm McDowell


Magic Mueller 1993 composer
Regie: Thomas Bohn



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