international Awards


2018 NAMA native american music awards

          Best Album of the Year, Native Hearts Award

          5 Nominations incl best Album of the Year

2016 45th EMMY AWARDS Nom. commercial music
2015 Telly Award best music in commercial DBA
2011 Telly Award for Mortal Combat
2008 Entertainment Excellence  Award US forces IRAQ
2007 Telly Award Best music for multimedia show IMAX
2002 Academy Award Nominee Das Experiment:
2002 Best European composer Award runner up
2001 Winner, Best Film Bundesfilmpreis 
2001 Winner, Best Film, Montreal Film Festival 
2001 Winner, Berlin Film festival
1994 Winner, New York Film festival (the Shark)
1993 Grimme Award (Germany) for Magic Mueller


1994 Cannes Lions for Kenwood (cars)
1993 Ars Electronica (Bavaria Film)
1992 Cannes Lions for IKEA (interior)
1991 Cannes Shortlist  for WWF (social)
1990 Cannes Shortlist for Fruit (food)
1989 Cannes finalist for Audi (cars)


2002 Best European Composer 2nd place
1999 Film Festival Chicago 
1998 Film Festival, New York 
1996 Film Festival Berlin

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