Composer & producer

Alexander van Bubenheim award winning composer, works out of his production facility in Los Angeles, CA. Acclaimed for his film, TV, commercials & multimedia compositions. Alexander writes for Artists in a range of styles from Classical to Rock to Jazz, world and Pop.. 

Alexander is self-taught, but studied composition and conducting, shortly after his arrival n Los Angeles,

at UCLA with Geoffrey Schindler. He has collaborated with Artists such as:

Neil Young, Jennifer Lopez, Barbara Streisand, 

David Foster, David Hasselhoff, Terrence Trent Darby, Sherryl Crow, David Ricketts Umberto Gattica, Snoop Dog,

Biggi Smalls, Ringo Starr, Sir Bob Geldoff, Seal

Hugh Jackman, WIlliam Barton Julian Lennon,

Malika Sherawat (Hisss), Shweta Pandit (India) Patrick Steward (The Violent Universe). Summer Watson,

Alexander performed as Keyboarder for the Band "Bignoize" in IRAQ for the  coalition and US Armed forces, with Joe Lynn Turner (Deep Purple), Phil Soussan (Ozzy Osbourne)  Carlos Cavasoz (Rainbow), Simon Wright (AC/DC).

Alexander van Bubenheim
born in Munich Germany
working in Los Angeles, CA

Alexander is a voting Member at the "Grammy board" Los Angeles Chapter

and affiliated with ASCAP, Union Local 47 and GEMA. Currently working on a variaty of Orchestral Soundtracks for Film, TV and Multimedia Dome projects in the US and Europe, as

well as in production, his first German Language Album.


"music is the universal  Language of everything"

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